The SILEO upskilling training programme on MATERIALS & SUSTAINABILITY in the furniture and lighting sector organized by Rete di Imprese Luce in Veneto, is finally ready to start!

Anna Pellizzari, an expert from Materially, the reference point for companies in the development and promotion of sustainable innovation starting from materials, will guide clusters and SMEs into many aspects of the circular economy and recycling processes, including an exploration of key bio-based materials and considerations related to industrial waste management. The lessons will highlight trend topics and practical examples relevant to the lighting and furniture industrial ecosystems.

The training programme is divided into 4 online meetings of 2 hours each:

  • 1° online workshop Life Cycle of Materials on Tuesday 14/11/2023 | 9:00-11:00 CET
  • 2° online workshop Recycling loop on Tuesday 21/11/2023 | 9:00-11:00 CET
  • 3° online workshop Bio-based materials on Tuesday 05/12/2023 | 9:00-11:00 CET
  • 4° online workshop Industrial waste management – scheduled for January 2024 | date and time under definition

The training programme is free and open to clusters and companies of the SILEO Eurocluster project!

For more information and the registration links, please contact your SILEO cluster of reference:

  • ELCA European Lighting Cluster Alliance – Marta Krakowiak
  • Cluster Lumière – Mary Hadidi
  • Cluster de Iluminación CICAT – Andrea Padré
  • Rete di Imprese Luce in Veneto – Antonella Venza
  • Building Innovation Cluster – Isabella Mantello
  • Cluster Mobilier Transilvan (Transylvanian Furniture Cluster) – Toma Andreea
  • Cluster Legno Arredo Casa FVG – Caterina Pezzicar
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