ELCA European Lighting Cluster Alliance is pleased to present its Board for the 2024-2026

On the occasion of the General Assembly of the ELCA Association which was held on March 5 in Frankfurt, the new Executive Committee 2024-2026 was appointed.

Congratulations to the new board and, in particular, to President Alberto Sozza who has been reconfirmed in his position for the next three years!

The Board deals with the general policy of the association, it decides on membership applications appoints committee members and encourages collaboration, networking, and learning among cluster and business support organizations to provide specialized and customized services for SMEs.

In particular, ELCA is dedicated to promoting international actions aimed at enhancing cluster management excellence and facilitating exchanges and strategic partnerships among clusters, organizations, companies, and specialized ecosystems across Europe and beyond.

As such, ELCA is committed to driving innovation through research, industry, public authorities, and citizens by initiating actions at both European and international levels, demonstrating, experimenting, and sharing knowledge.

Together, let’s continue to empower, innovate, and inspire as we shape the future of our association in smart and connected lighting, energy-efficient and human-centric lighting solutions in the smart home, smart building and smart city framework!

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