3° Call for Expression of Interest for the SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators!

Exciting opportunity for Technology Providers & Green Transition Experts!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 3rd CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST! This call aims to identify and select technology providers and green transition experts to support SMEs with their digitalisation and sustaiability initiatives for the upcoming 2nd Call for Advanced Technology Uptake Projects!

➜ If you are a public or private legal entity committed to driving digital and green transformation and have experience in consultancy, advanced technologies business development, circular economy and innovation support services, apply to be part of our SILEO Pool of Technology Uptake Facilitators, ourEuropean expert database!


– Download and complete the Application FORM (available in English).

– Submit the FORM along with the mandatory annex (Organisation registration official document) to Marta Krakowiak (ELCA) – SILEO project Coordinator: marta.krakowiak@elcacluster.eu

For more details and support, see the Guidelines for technology providers or contact us!

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