SHAPE-THE-LIGHT – Boosting co-creation and networking among the lighting design value chain to empower the European creative sector (2024-2026)

Business, innovation and creativity are interrelated. SHAPE-THE-LIGHT is based on the dual complementary concept of the intrinsic relationships between art and business, focusing on art, design and the lighting industry.

SHAPE-THE-LIGHT project aims at implementing initiatives and an open and inclusive collaborative space for the creation of new creative processes, business models and market developments, and to embrace the digital and ecological transition in the architectural lighting design sector.

The main objective is to create a bridge between the different agents in order to generate co-creation and co-design processes, launching opportunities to test advanced technologies and new innovative solutions to the challenges posed for these industries. These support measures and collaborative spaces will trigger the creation of new creative processes and business models, driving the development of the lighting sector towards the proposals put forward in the European Green Deal and the priorities of the New European Bauhaus.

SHAPE-THE-LIGHT priorities

  • Sustainability. In line with the European Green Pact and the New European Bauhaus, co-create, adopt and disseminate more environmentally friendly practices, as well as raise awareness of sustainable development through cultural activities;
  • Digitalisation. To support the European cultural and creative sectors in their digital transition and business recovery after the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Inclusion. From valuing diversity and equality for all, to ensuring accessibility and consideration for all needs.

SHAPE-THE-LIGHT project will actively contribute to the objectives of the European Green Pact and the transition towards a sustainable and digital society by providing tangible opportunities and experiences, both at local and European level, for creation, co-design, experimentation, knowledge sharing and networking. Among the activities planned to achieve the objectives presented in the proposal, during the 30 months of the project, we will find performance labs, coffees, masterclasses, workshops and forums, among others.