ELCA4i – European Lighting Cluster Alliance for Internationalization (2020-2023)

ELCA cooperates and supports the general coordination of the project called «ELCA4i – European Lighting Cluster Alliance for Internationalization», co-financed by the EU COSME programme.

The partnership involves the 3 clusters member of ELCA: Rete di Imprese Luce in Veneto (Leader), CICAT and Cluster Lumière.

The project is aimed at intensifying the collaboration of clusters and strengthening the positioning of European SMEs in the smart lighting sector on the non-EU markets. The ELCA4i strategic partnership will guide the international cooperation of clusters in sectors of strategic interest for SMEs with a specific focus on the markets of the 5 target countries USA, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Japan. In order to exploit its cluster internationalization potential, ELCA-4i developed a series of joint internationalization actions covering mutual knowledge and confidence building, third country market intelligence gathering, knowledge and capacity building.

The ELCA4i project partners:

1. Cluster Lumière Association, France
2. Rete di Imprese Luce in Veneto, Italy
3. Cluster d’Illuminacio de Catalunya – CICAT, Spain

Know more about the project visiting the official website