Increasing European lighting resources and competitiveness


Luce in Veneto numbers 70 SMEs in the smart lighting sector based mainly in the Veneto Region for the internationalization and innovation of its members. Lighting engineering is one of the keystones of Italian manufacturing, and the Veneto is the second largest Italian region in terms of the number of companies operating on this sector.

LIV works closely with Local Authorities, Institutions, Research Centres, Clusters, laboratories, engineers, and professional organizations, both locally and at European level in order to increase the participation in new development projects and to foster a debate on the possible thematic areas of common interest in the lighting field.

The main activities of the cluster are:

a) Internationalization – to strengthen the presence of associated companies in their consolidated international markets or penetrate new markets always paying attention to a market-oriented approach, identifying products that meet the needs of customers both in terms of aesthetics and in terms of innovative technologies;

b) Training courses – to organize training courses to give maximum support to the professional development of the companies and their personnel;

c) Research and development – to promote projects to boost innovation in new lighting technologies and to encourage sustainable development.

The mission of the Rete di Imprese Luce in Veneto is the promotion of new business opportunities in the field of smart lighting in order to ensure a sustainable and inclusive growth.

In particular, the cluster pursues the following specific objectives:

  • Use of innovative and/or recyclable materials
  • Foster integration of SSL (Solid State Lighting) domotic technologies and IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Support to the companies in the creation of objects in BIM formats (Building Information Modeling) as a new 3D modeling format of building products in the market to perform simulations or punctual material takeoffs and products
  • Spreading the culture of light
  • Promotion of creative contest
  • Enhancing the visibility of the products / services of the member companies
  • Support to companies in accessing international markets.

European projects/initiatives:

  • CYBER SECURE LIGHT – Cyber Secure IoT Lighting and Home Automation systems for Smart Building (2018 – 2021), EU COSME Programme
  • BRILLIANT – Boosting excellence in the European lighting value chain (2020 – 2022), EU COSME Programme
  • ELCA4i – European Lighting Cluster Alliance For Internationalisation (2020 – 2022), EU COSME Programme (Grant Agreement under signing procedure)

Cluster manager: Antonella Venza,, +39 0499350457


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