Increasing European lighting resources and competitiveness


The view below of lighting entities in Holland is just an extract and hence not fully adequate, but it displays some of the most important institutions and organizations – except from these whose websites are only in Dutch.



Technical University Eindhoven

Intelligent Lighting Institute

  • The Intelligent Lighting Institute (ILI) of the Eindhoven University of Technology explores novel intelligent lighting solutions that become within reach as a result of the large-scale introduction of advanced LED technologies. The ILI approach is scientific, multi-disciplinary, and based on experimental (city) test beds. It is aimed at investigating and developing novel people-centric lighting concepts and providing scientific evidence for the user benefits that go with the solution claims. Researchers at ILI are developing new concepts for interactive lighting solutions, as well as the requisite technology. The institute also consciously seeks to coordinate activities with the private and public sectors.
  • Contact: Intelligent Lighting Institute, +31 40 247 5990,

Delft University of Technology, Tu Delft

The Optics Research Group

Delft Energy Initiative

  • The Delft Energy Initiative is one of four Delft Research Initiatives. These have been set up to improve public access to research on the major social themes of energy, health, the environment and infrastructure, and to make research better attuned to issues in society. The Delft Energy Initiative provides access to more than 700 energy researchers at the TU Delft, representing a wide spectrum of energy-related research, from nuclear energy to sustainable building and from solar panels to studies of the electricity market.
  •  Contact: Stef Smits, Secretary,  +31 15 278 7711,

Dimes Technology Center, DTC

  • The Dimes Technology Center (DTC) offers a very flexible processing line for integrated devices. The standard bipolar processing line is suitable to make complete active devices from mask design to packaging. The special MEMS modules enables high level 3D structuring. The Center also works with many non standard materials. The aim is to integrate all these technologies to on-chip and multi-chip microsystems.
  • Contact: Dimes Technology Center, +31-15-278 6234,

TNO innovation for life

  • TNO is an independent research organization whose expertise and research make an important contribution to the competitiveness of companies and organizations, to the economy and to the quality of society as a whole. The aim is to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. The field of research varies from healthy living and industrial innovation to energy and built environment
  • Contact: Press Office, +31 88 866 00 00/ +31 88 866 08 88,

Snellius Innovation Partnership for Lighting (a part of TNO)

  • Snellius Innovation Partnership for Lighting is a public-private partnership for lighting, brought together by the TNO. The partnership comprises shared research programs in three areas:b Human Centric Lighting Solutions, Smart Lighting Solutions, Improvement of SSL System.
  • Contact: Nils Erkamp, Business Line manager Lighting, +31 88 86 62336,



Light and Health Research Foundation SOLG

  • The increasing social importance of research and applications of light on health and well-being have lead to the foundation of the Light & Health Research Foundation (SOLG), which presents iformation about the effects of light on health, well being and performance.
  • Contact: Light & Health Research Foundation SOLG, +31 (0)6 20267481,