Increasing European lighting resources and competitiveness


CLUSTER LUMIÈRE (France – Auvergne Rhône Alpes)

Cluster Lumière was originally created to foster business development and creation in the lighting value chain through creating innovation groups bringing together research laboratories, industry, experts and clients, using and Open Innovation approach. Rapidly it was found that this requires to develop a broader vision of the lighting value chain, in launching actions involving strategic initiatives in photonics, IT technology, smart controls, user interface , design, and behaviour science.

The challenge of management of a Cluster Lumière is to bring actors in a larger value chain to develop new markets based on the expertise around lighting products and services. Cluster Lumière expects to contribute to the elaboration of a strategic vision for participating clusters with priorities, opportunities and road maps. Cluster Lumière boosts innovation in new lighting technologies to meet economic challenges and encourage sustainable development. It promotes competitiveness, cooperative businesses and international development in the sector.

The Cluster Lumière is backed by the vitality of the lighting sector in the Rhône-Alpes region, aiming at bringing together partners from research and training, manufacturers, users and expert channels, as well as institutional partners. It numbers more than 180 companies and organisations: Laboratories, manufacturers, engineers, lighting installers and designers. Cluster Lumière has developed a number of tools to stimulate innovation and business development such as regular think tanks on specific activities, knowledge-transfer workshops, Inter cluster-activities with companies operating in the sectors of furniture, hospitals, commercial centres; innovation groups, internationalisation support services.

CL hosts also the annual ONLYLIGHT Fair, in Lyon, and in 2020 will inaugurate the New Light-HUB, Cité de la Lumière (6000 m2).

European projects/initiatives:

  • BRILLIANT – Boosting excellence in the European lighting value chain (2020 – 2022), EU COSME Programme
  • Welliance (2020 – 2022), EU COSME Programme (Grant Agreement under signing procedure)
  • ELCA4i – European Lighting Cluster Alliance For Internationalisation (2020 – 2022), EU COSME Programme (Grant Agreement under signing procedure)

Cluster manager: François Brunet,, +33 04 72408268


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