Increasing European lighting resources and competitiveness


The view below of lighting entities in Belgium is just an extract and hence not fully adequate, but it displays some of the most important institutions and organizations – except from these whose websites are only in Belgian.



Catholic University of Leuven

Light and Lighting Laboratory

  • Research activities are Lighting and energy efficiency, Optical design of secondary optics using ray-tracing software , Appearance (colour and gloss)  and Photovoltaics: cells, modules and stand-alone systems. The laboratory is an active member within CIE and cooperates with several universities and more than 70 companies, especially SME. The laboratory combines research activities (Ph.D research) with activities of industrial support (characterizations, optical design, seminars etc.).’
  • Contact: Light & Lighting Laboratory, +32 9 265 86 10,

Vrije Universiteit Brussel, VUB 

B-PHOT Brussels Photonics Team (a part of the Department of Applied Physics and Photonics)

  • B-Phot key-missions are:
  1. Education & Training: B-Phot wants to individually engage its students in top-professional courses providing them with a unique curriculum in fundamental and applied photonics engineering.
  2. Industrial valorisation: Top-quality services to industry can vary from design services, optical characterisation requests, fabrication of micro-optical prototypes to the development and testing of a complete optical system.
  3. Innovative research: Our core business is photonics research: fundamental, applied and industrial photonics for a brighter, lighter and healthier world.

Ghent University

The Photonics Research Group (a part of the Department of Information Technology)

  • The Photonics Research Group is active in the field of photonic integration – more specifically silicon photonics – and its applications in information and communication technology, in sensing and in life sciences. The group – which is closely associated with Imec that performs world-leading research in nanoelectronics – puts its research focus on new concepts for photonic integrated devices and circuits and on the associated technologies and design methodologies.
  • Contact: Bert Coryn, +32 9264 9828 /+32 9264 3316,



Green Light in Flanders (Groen Licht Vlaanderen)

  • Green Light in Flanders (Belgium) is an Open Innovation Network for the lighting industry.  Four research partners – Belgian Building Research Institute, the Light and Lighting laboratory of KU Leuven, Flemish Electrotechnic Innovation Institute and Organisation for Civil Engineering join together with 50 local and international players in the lighting industry to promote energy efficient lighting by delivering research, technological consultancy and technology dissemination.
  • Contact: Catherine Lootens,
  • (only in Dutch)