Increasing European lighting resources and competitiveness


The European Commission has published an action plan to promote Key Enabling Technologies, KETs.

Based on current research, economic analyses of market trends and their contribution to solving societal challenges, the EU has identified six KETs:

  1. Micro-/nanoelectronics
  2. Nanotechnology
  3. Photonics
  4. Advanced materials
  5. Industrial biotechnology
  6. Advanced manufacturing technologies

A KETs-based product is:

  • An enabling product for the development of goods and services enhancing their overall commercial and social value.
  • Induced by constituent parts that are based on nanotechnology, micro/nanoelectronics, industrial biotechnology, advanced materials and/or photonics.
  • Produced by advanced manufacturing technologies.

6.7 billion euro in industrial capabilities on KETs in ‘Horizon 2020’
Among lots of initiatives, The Commission will promote research on KETs by these means:

  1. Allocate € 6.7 billion in industrial capabilities on KETs in Horizon 2020. This comprises support for pilot lines and demonstrator projects, including those of larger scale, for achieving technology and product validation under industrial conditions and more integration and cross-fertilisation between the six KETs. There will be a particular focus to address societal challenges.
  2. Establish and implement a multi-annual work-programme for projects implementing simultaneously several KETs in coordination with other relevant programmes.
  3. Implement innovation-oriented public-private partnerships (PPPs) for those KETs where the necessary conditions specified in Horizon 2020 are in place.

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